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Converting Wet Organic Residues into Biofuels

Movanta ensures an healthier planet and a sustainable future with their Biofuels.

Welcome to Movanta, a global leader in converting wet biomass residues into renewable biofuels. At Movanta, we are passionate about creating a more sustainable future by transforming wet biomass into valuable energy resources.

Your future when applying Movanta's technologies.

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Biofuel is a type of fuel that is produced from renewable biological resources such as non-edible plants, agri-cultural residue streams, and even animal fats. It has gained significant attention in recent years as an alternative to fossil fuels. By applying biofuels you will reduce your carbon footprint considerably through CO2 abatement.

Hydrothermal Upgrading (HTU)

Movanta is a leader in the Hydrothermal Upgrading Technology (HTU). This innovative process is an highly efficient method for converting a range of feedstocks, including wet municipal organic residual streams forestry, residues and agricultural wet organic materials (manure, grass), into high-quality biofuels such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Bio-Diesel.

The Path to a Sustainable Future

Movanta provides Process licenses for the HTU technology and supports your biofuel project by executing feasibility studies and delivering Technology Basic Process Design Packages. Movanta will assist you in your HTUProject Realisation throughout the project development phases, including plant operations as per your needs. 

Movanta will ensure that your project will provide a state-of-the-art facility enabling the production of bio-crude or bio-fuels as per designed capacity that will meet our client's high standards.

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Image by David Jorre
“At Movanta, we're dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to the world's biggest environmental challenges.”

Tjalling Terpstra, COO

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“Together, we're exploring exciting new applications of our HTU technology and working to develop even more effective and efficient ways to convert waste into valuable resources. We're excited about the possibilities of this collaboration and the potential it holds for creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all.”

Eddy Zwier, TNO

“With our HTU technology, we're able to create a closed-loop system that not only reduces waste but also creates new opportunities for economic growth and environmental protection”

Jaap Naber, Founder



Thank you for your interest in Movanta's sustainable biofuels and energy solutions.


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